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Hungry Muttz was inspired by Ebony Bailey

How did I get started

Let me first introduce you to Ebony my best friend Rusheen's Black English Cocker Spaniel, the most pampered dog in the world. I still can't get over Rusheen moving from a detached house to a bungalow, so Ebony did not have to go up the stairs anymore as her age was now beginning to tell on her. I swear in my next life I am coming back as Rusheen's pampered dog Ebony ha ha ha.

Everything was shared with Ebony, even the Kup Kakes I had made for Rusheen's December birthday 2 years ago, along with a chocolate orange cake for Christmas. I can remember the exact moment my new baking world changed. "Look what we've got Ebony 2 for me 1 for you and 1 for Don if he's lucky". At that moment I thought next year I am bringing something for Ebony, I know Rusheen would really appreciate that. This was my new secret project no one could know I was working on it. .

I started thinking more about it, and browsing the internet every spare moment I got. I was off sick at the time from work and used baking as the activity to keep my mind working baking everything from scratch. I found the peanut butter treats recipe and thought all of the ingredients can be found in our cupboard, which meant I could eat them too. My first promise was and still is "I would not give a dog anything I would not eat myself". My vision was dog and owner could sit down and have a cup of tea and a biscuit together. The creativity was back and so was I. My head was spinning with treats I can make. I was so excited for Christmas to come so I could make the birthday Kup Kakes, traditional Christmas cake and Ebony's surprise Christmas Treat. .

I spoke to all my friends and work colleagues to see if they would try these doggie treats for me. Out of all of them I had ten dog parents who said yes, so I had a good range of tasters to test for me, this was a good start. There are lots of recipes online and videos too so I had a good base to start from.

Peanut butter doggie treats was the recipe I decided to try. Everything about this recipe was nice from mixing the ingredients together to rolling and cutting the shapes. The feeling of the dough in my hands felt delicious, and if delicious was a feeling this is what it felt like.

After a few months of testing and tweaking the recipes to my liking, and requests from other dog owners to become members of the tasting team. I now have twenty five dogs on my team. The feedback was excellent and I was very pleased with my efforts so far…….

Legal Information

DEFRA approval Petfood Plant
Registration Number 44/623/8128/ABP/PTF

Registered with Rochdale Trading Standards as a Pet Food Manufacturing Business Registration No GB/419/121

Sciantec Analytical Services an accredited laboratory analyses all treats produced by Hungry Muttz

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New Treats

I have had many requests for a savory treat. So off I went to research what to make first. Cheese and Bacon looked nice so look out for my take on them at events I attend and try a sample. Not forgetting dogs have cats as mates so Hungry Muttz has a cheesy cat treat for your cats to sample too all the more reason to come along and see us.

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Charity Donations

Hungry Muttz support’s 2 charities from donations given in receipt of samples. The chosen local charities being Team Sasha a Pet Rescue Team in the heart of Castleton Village Rochdale and Spring Hill Hospice, Rochdale. Our target is to raise £50 for each charity.

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